484. Pair Antique Chinese Carved Cinnabar Bowls Ginger Jars Guangxu 19th Century

Stunning Identical Pair of Chinese Hand Carved Cinnabar Lacquer Bowls and Covers of outstanding quality, made during the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century. Guangxu Period 1875-1908.  

The short neck deep rounded bulbous body above a carved reeded base. The main body carved through deep layers of cinnabar lacquer depicting sectional floral and leaf foliage oval reserves all against a dense diapered ground. The circular domed cover similarly carved and mounted with an acorn finial. The interior of both parts and base are of mid blue lacquer on bronze metal.   

Measures: Height: 6” (15.25cm), Width: (at widest) 4.5" (11.5cm). Diameter: (base) 2.5” (6cm).   

Condition: Superb condition with no imperfections, possibly never used. Back and front views are similar. This piece is typically unmarked, guaranteed to be of the period 

Shipped to Middleswich, Cheshire, England.