360. Fine Coromandel Double Tea Caddy early Victorian


An Exceptionally Fine Quality Well Figured Coromandel Double Tea Caddy of Rectangular Outline, early Nineteenth Century, of English origin.

This stylish Tea Caddy with lavish polished brass strap-work and ornate circular escutchin opening to reveal twin compartments with hinged dome shaped subsidiary covers.

Condition: This piece is in superb condition, nice surface patination.Lock is present, key does not turn. 

Height: 6” (15.25cm). Width: 10” (25.25cm). Depth: 6" (15.25cm). 

NOTE: Coromandel Wood or Caalamander Wood  is a valuable wood from India, Sri Lanka & South East Asia.It is of a hazel-brown color, with black stripes (or the other way about), very heavy and hard. It is also known as Macassar Ebony or variegated ebony and is closely related to genuine ebony, but is obtained from different species in the same genus; one of these is Diospyros Quaesita Thwaites, from Sri Lanka. The name Calamander comes from the local Sinhalese name, 'Kalu-medhiriya', which means dark chamber; referring to the characteristic ebony black wood.

Coromandel wood has been logged to extinction over the last 2 to 3 hundred years and is no longer available for new work in any quantity. Furniture in Coromandel is so expensive and so well looked after that even recycling it is an unlikely source. A substitute, Macassar Ebony, has similar characteristics and to the untrained eye is nearly the same but it lacks the depth of colour seen in genuine Coromandel.