872. Silver Dish Ring London 1900. 12.2 ozs

An Exquisite Sterling Silver Irish Style Table Dish Ring of traditional form and large proportions.

The circular pierced body depicting figures and animals with lavish scroll and floral decoration.


Assay Marks for London 1900, makers mark is indistinct.


Condition: Perfect with no imperfections. Both cartouches are vacant.


Diameter: (base) 7.5" (19cm). Diameter: (top rim) 6.75" (17.5cm). Height: 3.25" (8.5cm). Weight: an impressive 12.2 ozs. (343 grams).


Shipped to Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Table Dish Rings (sometimes erroneously referred to as Potato Rings) were first made in Ireland and also in England between about 1780 and 1900, were originally of silver and highly ornamented. They were usually elliptical in outline and wider in each dimension below than above. The largest know examples were up to ten inches in diam and up to four inched in height. Use was made of both piercing and repousse work to obtain the highest decorative effects, this style of decoration was necessary to help the heat escape from hot table dishes through the piercing, blue hand blown glass liners were a later addition. This is a stunning example in wonderful condition.