792. Superb Heavy Gauge Sterling Silver Centerpiece Charles Thomas Fox London 1846

Superb Heavy Gauge English Sterling Silver Circular Footed Centerpiece of outstanding quality, complete with its original frosted glass liner.

This exceptional piece moulded with stylish pierced decoration and central naturalistic support, the outer rim cast with leaves and flowers.

Mark of  CTFGF for Charles Thomas Fox & George Fox.

London Halmark for 1846.

Condition: Good allover condition with no imperfections.  

Height: 8” (20.25cm). Diameter: (top rim) 8” (20.5cm). Diameter: (base) 5” (12.5cm).

Weight: (excluding glass liner, an impressive) 24.3ozs.  (687 grams).

Charles Fox I entered a mark in 1801 working in Old St, London until he retired in 1827.  His son Charles Fox II joined his father in 1822 and continued until about 1842 when his sons George and Charles Fox took over the family business.

George entered a joint maker's mark in 1842 with his brother Charles Thomas Fox, from 139 Old Street, where they are listed until 1852 as working silversmiths. C.T. & G. Fox then moved to 13 Queen Street (renamed 13 Bateman Street in 1885), Soho, where they are listed as working silversmiths. Charles Thomas Fox retired on 31st December 1860 leaving George Fox as sole partner in the firm of C.T. & G. Fox. The business moved in 1891 to 50 Berwick Street, Soho, London where in 1892 they are listed as manufacturing silversmiths, repairs, gilding, plating etc. to the trade.