788. Collection Rare Donovan Dublin Tableware 1810

A Very Rare Collection of Irish Pearl Ware Porcelain, by James Donovan Dublin Ireland, early Nineteenth Century. Hand decorated in colours depicting Waterlilies and other Summer flowers.


Large Storage Jar.

Condition: Very good condition.

Height: 9" (23cm).

Medium Storage Jar.

Condition: Very good condition.

Height: 7.5" (19cm).


Octagonal Shaped Side Plate.

Condition: Very good condition.

Diameter: 7.5" (19cm). ALL ITEMS SOLD


James Donovan & Son Retailers & Decorators of porcelain (earned the nickname "The Emperor of China") had shop premises at George's Quay in Dublin. They imported "blanks" from English Staffordshire Potteries - Spode, Minton etc. and decorated them in Dublin. The last reference entry in local directories is for the year 1829.