722. Large Porcupine Quill Casket Complete interior 19th Ct

A Very Fine Quality Porcupine Quill Casket of large proportions, complete with its original lift out sectional tray and covers. Last half of the Nineteenth Century.


Condition: Good condition with no quills missing.


Width: 10.5" (27cm). Depth: 7" (18cm). Height: 4" (10cm).


Shipped to Dallas, Texas, USA.


Porcupine Quill Boxes were made and imported from Southern Ceylon. Finely inlaid with ivory discs and porcupine quills between bands of ebony. They were highly valued for their rich timbers and intricate craftsmanship.

Period: The production of porcupine quill boxes and furniture falls between around 1850 and 1900. There are several documented examples that give the outline for these dates. In particular there is one in the V&A Museum in London, which was given to Queen Victoria circa 1850.

Production: Production of Ceylonese ebony and porcupine quill boxes was focused in three areas of southern Ceylon – Galle, Matara and Matura – all important trading posts, benefiting from the thriving export trade. The style of the boxes was very much aimed at the demand of the European market, boxes imitated traditional English forms such as jewellery boxes, sewing baskets and writing boxes. Although porcupine quill boxes were originally made for English residents, by the late 19th century, there was a thriving commercial export trade.

This offering is truly a magnificent example in superb condition.