563. Superb Heavy American Silver Centerpiece Theodore Starr 1837-1907

Superb American Sterling Silver Circular Heavy Gauge Nineteenth Century Table Centerpiece of exceptional quality made by renowned Silversmith Theodore Starr.

The circular rim with exquisite pierced and moulded decoration depicting scrolls and flowers.

Makers mark: Theodore B Starr at base (see final).

Condition: Good condition with no imperfections.

Height: (entire) 3” (7.75cm). Diameter:  10.5” (26.5cm).

Weight: (an impressive) 12.8ozs. (365 grams).

Theodore Burr Starr (1837 to 1907) was a partner from 1864 to 1877 with Herman Marcus (known to-day as Neman Marcus) in New York City trading as Starr & Marcus with a shop at 22 John Street.

From 1877 to 1900 he traded as Theodore B Starr & Co. with an address at 206 Fifth Avenue, New York.